During emergency situations, such as a wildfire, the aftermath of a tornado with widespread damage or terrorist event, the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) would be activated. The EOC brings together key agencies in one room to facilitate sheltering of evacuees, search and rescue, law enforcement, debris removal and much more. Emergency Management also activates the citizen information lines to pass on critical information to concerned residents and visitors.

Emergency Management plays a key role in evacuating citizens who are in danger and registering those who need special medical attention or would require transportation to a shelter. For more information on the Special Needs Program, call (719)523-6796.














                                                                                 Activation Scale:

                                                                                                   Monitoring the Situation


                                                                                                   Partial Activation



Communications Tower

                                                                                                   Full Activation


The Baca County EOC is located North of the Town of Springfield and is a recently purchased 5,000 square foot building with equipment to support incidents in Baca County.

The EOC is equipped with Low Band, VHF, UHF, 800 MHz Analog and Digital communications equipment on an 80 foot tower to facilitate regional communications and coordinate resource requests.

The EOC is a great place to conduct trainings, meetings and classes. If your agency is interested in having a class at the EOC please contact the Division of Emergency Management at 719-523-6796.


29400 US Hwy 287

Springfield, CO 81073

(719)523-6796 - Main Line

(719)523-6776 - Fax







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(Left) The Baca County EOC located at 29400 US Hwy 287, Springfield, CO 81073 is located just 1/4 mile north of Springfield. Our EOC is equipped with a full service kitchen and restrooms with shower facilities.

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