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Eastern Colorado IMT

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Baca County faces many hazards Including:


Thunderstorms & Lightning                           Extreme Temperatures Drought                                                     Wildfire

Windstorms                                               Insects

Hail Storms                                                Noxious Weeds

Tornados                                                   Urban Fire

Dust Storms                                               Floods

Severe Winter Storms (Blizzards)                  Earthquakes

Disease Outbreaks / Pandemics                    Transportation Disasters



6-19-2007 - Tornado that touched down

   North West of Pritchett, CO and came to

   within one mile of Pritchett.

   No injuries reported.











6-10-2006 Tornado that touched down

   near Campo, CO the tornado destroyed

   unsecured mobile homes, camper

   trailers and some out buildings in

   Campo. No injuries reported.










03-28-2007 Tornado that tore a

   devastating path through Holly, CO

   in Prowers County. Baca County

   Emergency Management, Search &

   Rescue, Fire, Law and EMS

   agencies responded to assist Prowers

   County. 2 People were fatally injured.








5-24-07 Severe Thunderstorm that

   produced strong damaging winds and

   hail. Hail and damaging winds can be

   devastating to a community that is

   dependant on Agriculture for a living.










12-20-2006 Blizzard that left piles of

   snow in Eastern Colorado. This was the

   first of two blizzards that would affect

   Baca County in  the Winter of 2006.













12-28 to 31-2007 Places in Baca County

   received 45" of wet heavy snow. The

   snow left US Highways 287 & 160 both

   closed for multiple days. The Army

   National Guard come to assist with

   emergency operations. Baca County

   also received mutual aid from other

   places in and out of the state. Baca

   County was one of twelve Counties in

   Colorado that received an Emergency

   Snow Declaration from FEMA




9-17-07 Wildfire NW of Springfield.

   Springfield, Pritchett, Campo & Walsh

   Fire Departments responded as well

   as Road/ Bridge Dist 1 and Dist 3 to

   control the fire.











   A US Army Apache Helicopter that was

   traveling in the area lost one of its two

   engines and was forced to land at the

   Springfield Municipal Airport.

   The picture shows a soldier making

   necessary repairs.









Baca County also has other hazards such

as noxious weeds and insects.


The Baca County Conservation District runs

the Noxious Weed Program in cooperation

with the County Weed Board and Baca County

Commissioners. BCCD has identified and treated

Yellow Toadflax, Dalmatian Toadflax, Scotch

Thistle, Musk Thistle, and Tamarisk throughout

Baca County. For assistance with any suspect

invasive weed call BCCD at 719-523-4522 ext. 3.







Managing and Coordinating Emergency Incidents

For Baca County

741 Main Street ~Springfield, CO 81073 ~ (719)523-6796



























































































































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